rememberarabic[dot]com_Kristy Dean


Learning grammar through stories.

This is where we take Arabic grammar, dissect the difficult, find the humorous, and make the concepts memorable through writing stories.


Kristy studied Modern Standard Arabic at university (in Melbourne, Australia and Amman, Jordan) between 2008–2010, has spent a considerable amount of time jaunting around Arabia, but has promptly forgotten most of what she learned. Brain, come on.

This is a journey of relearning. The experiences shared are not of an expert, but from one student to another. Austin Kleon and CS Lewis had some nice things to say about this.

Writing and illustrations by Kristy Dean.

Irregular plurals will not be the end of us!

who is this information for?

Anyone with intermediate level Arabic, who is staring at their text book thinking, ‘how am I going to remember this?’.
People who aren’t interested in rote learning.

can i learn arabic from scratch on this website?

Unfortunately, no. This won’t teach you the basics, the alphabet, or pronunciation.

There are other resources available, such as Memrise, Mango, Duolingo, and other language learning apps/programs. At last look Duolingo didn’t have Arabic for English speakers, but it's worth checking for updates.

Also, try googling language schools in your city.

If you live in Melbourne Australia, there are night classes available at East Melbourne Language Centre and Centre for Adult Education (CAE). Arabic can also be studied as part of undergraduate courses at Deakin University and The University of Melbourne.